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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm Nervous. How can you Help?

We offer a variety of options to help even the most anxious patients relax and be able to receive the treatment they need. From water, tea and coffee to pillows, in-room televisions and headphones, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Continuing to put off seeing the dentist can make any problems that are present much worse.  We are here to help you achieve the smile and oral health that you deserve.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept the majority of insurance plans and make sure our care is affordable for all patients, even those without any dental insurance by offering an in-house Wellness Plan.

How can you help me improve my smile?

Our doctor has many options to get you the smile that you desire.  He has helped many patients achieve brighter, healthier and more beautiful smiles.  The staff & doctor are extremely active in continuing education courses, where they learn the most up-to-date techniques to create beautiful smiles.

What procedures do you offer In-House?

Our doctor performs the majority of his dental procedures in the office.  If your treatment requires a dental specialist, our office has formed relationships with some of the area’s best specialists and we will ensure you get the care you need and want.

What are the benefits of the dentures you offer?

Custom Characterized dentures are ideal for you if you desire exclusive features and the best value. This option provides the ultimate way to create more natural-looking teeth.

Premium Dentures Include:

  • Top Quality acrylic base plate for more natural looking gums
  • Options for whiter shades of teeth
  • Improved Odor Resistance
  • Shrink-free process for a more comfortable, confident and secure fit
  • Replacement “Safety” denture (extra set)
  • Free annual check-up with oral cancer screening and professional cleaning
  • Free reline in first 3 years, if necessary
  • 3 Year limited warranty
What do i do if i have a dental emergency?

If you have an emergency during regular business hours, please call us at (704)870-4048 and we will see you the same day. If the emergency is after hours, please call (704) 412-8556.

What is the cause of tooth extractions?

Sometimes trauma, gum disease, cracked or broken teeth and tooth decay can be too significant, and despite our best efforts to save the tooth, extraction may be the only option.  No one wants to lose a tooth, but here at Midlakes Dental, we will make the process as comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

Just because extraction may be necessary doesn’t mean you have to live with a missing tooth space.  We can provide restorative dental options to replace the extracted tooth. These options include Dental Implants, Permanent bridges, and Removable partial dentures. Our team at Midlakes Dental can discuss with you what treatment may be best and what the benefits of each would be. Dental implants are surgically fitted to provide a secure, sturdy fit while keeping the appearance of a real tooth.  If a number of your teeth need replaced, we offer standard dentures in traditional and premium options as well.

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6573 Bob White Trail, Stanley, NC 28164


Monday – Thursday

8am – 4:30pm